PENCE: Why did you decide to roll back Dodd-Frank? Do you realize how that looks?
TRUMP: It was a stupid regulation making it harder for companies to do business. Nobody could get a loan. I have all these friends so many friends and none of them can get a loan. None of them can loan people money for their business either. It’s fucking gridlock.
PENCE: I think this sends the wrong message. You said during your campaign you would reform Wall Street.
TRUMP: I am reforming Wall Street. I totally destroyed a ridiculous regulation.
PENCE: You met with Wall Street executives behind closed doors, then immediately announced you’d repeal Dodd-Frank. That looks like you let them walk all over you.
TRUMP: They didn’t walk all over me. Idiot. I can’t sit down now but they didn’t walk all over me. [pause] Has anybody seen my inflatable donut? Where’s my special donut!