PRIEBUS: We have your PBD, sir.

TRUMP: Does it have 9 bullets?

PRIEBUS: Um, no sir, it has 10.

TRUMP: I told you 9 bullets! Ok, just read me the first 9 then.

PRIEBUS:  Ok, Iran conducted  another missile test. There’s growing security concerns about your trip to London, we think you should consider rescheduling at the last minute to thwart any plots. There’s a…

TRUMP: Stop! Where the fuck is Thwartany Plots? What is the matter with you people?

PRIEBUS: Sir, I said thw…

CONWAY: Thwartany Plots is an area just outside London. We think you’ll be safer staying there and taking a motorcade into the city

TRUMP: Ok fine. Thwartany Plots. Next.